About Nuclear Toaster Studios

Small Family, Huge Ideas.

Nuclear Toaster Studios is composed of a multidisciplinary team of students of the master degrees of Video Game Art, Design, and Programming of U-tad.

We are proud of our huge diversity of backgrounds, personal experiences, personalities, and abilities. These differences have made our team an endless source of ideas and opportunities to learn from each other. We have built a great work environment in which we are united by our shared dream to make video games for the world to enjoy, and our determination to make Deathroned the best first game we could ever imagine.

The name “Nuclear Toaster” was invented by an artificial intelligence. Not kidding!


Juan Francisco Blasco

Formerly a plastic artist, I am a digital artist and a true gamer. All my career has orbited around games: sports, board games, war games… and since I was a child, video games. My passion for video games exploded since I got my first console when I was 10 years old. This grew even stronger when I got my PC in the midst of the golden age of video games. I am now immersed in my true passion, and I hope that things will stay that way for a long time.


Javier Perianes

Carlos Mordillo

Efficiency is clever laziness


Cristian Barqueros




Enrique Gordillo

Junior game designer trying to make his way into the video game industry. I couldn’t live without 3 things: beer, animation, and video games.


Javier Mombiela

Currently a game design student, previously a 3D generalist and video editor. Passionate about video games since I was a child, my wish is to bring players experiences as amazing as I remember having when I was younger.


Eneko Orio

Few steps away to becoming a full-fledged game designer. Worked as an interaction designer, working on first project Deathroned, will be developing games for a life. Because you know, “there is a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n roll.”

Antonio Villaescusa

I don’t even know how to do a thumbs up.



Miguel Fonseca

Good lover, better programmer. Chicken sexer.


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